About Us – Uncovering Our Journey from Start to Success

Our Story

This is the story of two friends Fabrice Dumont Dayot & Christophe Mermaz who both had successful professional careers in their own field. Together they decided, whilst in their 50’s, to work together and launch a new venture, named C-CUBE.

Fabrice started twelve years ago his own engineering company named SP Groups, based in Switzerland, specialized in pharmaceutical and biotech processes.
He built it into a recognized global services company with 60 employees, competent in the fields of pharma processes, automation, and 3D modelling. He lives in Switzerland.

Christophe worked in the industrial sector as an MD & COO in various international industries for the last 20 years. His work spans blue-chip corporates, small- and medium-sized family businesses, and LBO projects. He has strong expertise in industrial operations, multi-site management, and industrial business development. He has spent six-years in Asian operations in China and Vietnam and is currently living in Vietnam.

Each of them brings his own expertise into C-CUBE, which was registered in Hanoi, Vietnam in January 2019. Joining Swiss pharmaceutical engineering with Asean operations, gives C-CUBE an optimised platform to develop their new concept of intelligent, modular facilities for the life sciences industry on a global scale.

Our Identity

C-Cube mission


To provide smart, modular facility to the life sciences industry.

C-Cube vision


Facilitate health deployment around the world thanks to our innovative and mobile facility concept.

C-Cube Differentiation


To provide smart, Strategic cross competencies and a fresh approach, bringing a disruptive facility concept (fast, competitive, modular, mobile, sustainable and smart) to life sciences sector worldwide.

Our Values

The C-CUBE management team will work and develop together, keeping the following core values in mind at all times.

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People development

Challenge and grow our team towards attaining excellence.

“You are the only limiting factor to your own development.”

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Develop C-CUBE through ethical and respectable behavior.

“Seal strong and durable relationships through trust and respect.”

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Social responsibility

Respect social rules, deploy a safe working environment, impact positively on our planet and on local communities.

“Good for everyone.”

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Customer focus

Act with our customers in mind at all times.

“Place yourself in the customer’s shoes.”

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Value driven

Always seek the best value for money solutions, innovation is the seed of value creation.

“Make it worthwhile.”