Benefits of a C-CUBE turnkey modular concept

Nowadays, the Life Sciences industry faces many challenges when building, expanding or even relocating their facilities. In a race to be the first to provide the best treatment for a patient at a competitive price and close to the affected population, implementing a modular project is the best option.

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C-CUBE, is paving a way to make its modular concept for life sciences available globally.
You will see the many benefits in using our C-CUBE modular solution:

Fast time to market
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Save 50% in time during construction phase compared to other methods. Firstly, this time savings benefit is due to the minimal design time requirement as a result of pre-engineered solutions; and Secondly, construction efficiency due to the industrial manufacture approach of the modules (lean process, parallel manufacturing…).

Constant flexibility
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Based on three size modules of identical width and height, the external layout of your modular cGMP facility is flexible and can be adapted to your needs. Each module side can be completely opened, and modules can also be piled up. Inside layout is also completely adjustable based on your requirements.  Even after final assembly, the facility can still be remodified both internally or externally (e.g. increase footprint, change internal partitions etc.), with minimum disruption to your ongoing operations.

Sustainable approach
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Your modular facility has an extended life cycle. It can be modified to suit different applications even after commissioning, thanks to its flexible concept. It can also be fully relocated. Modular construction cuts net waste and energy costs, but also improves safety by 95% as manufacture is completed off-site in a lean environment.

Cost effective solution
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Global construction costs such as engineering design, manufacture and commissioning is 10% cheaper than a conventional construction approach – all the while enjoying an enhanced level of quality.

Fully Mobile
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Our modules are mobile and sized to allow easy transportation anywhere. Every module is a stand-alone solution.  Modules can be deployed in remote locations and monitored at distance.

Smart facilities
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Your cGMP modular facility is Smart. HMI, EMS and servers are embedded in our modules to provide real-time reporting of your key parameters. You can access your data remotely and monitor your facility anywhere, anytime, and make adjustments as necessary.

Financial opportunity Fast ROI and ROA
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Fast build-time and a straightforward qualification process will shorten time to market and increase Net Present Value of your project. Last minute and risk-free decision-making, start small-extend quickly, are now possible business strategies in life sciences thanks to C-CUBE concept.

C-Cube Cell gene therapy

We can provide modular Vaccine
production units, Cell/Gene therapy
units, BSL2 laboratories, and many