C-CUBE Modulars: Crafting Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Unique Requirements

Life sciences

The C-CUBE concept allows our customers to build solutions that match their needs in terms of surfaces, layout and room classification.
Several scenarios are studied by our engineering team referencing our three standard modules.
Here, we share with you a few examples of our turnkey solutions for life sciences:

Bio process pilot scale unit
Bioprocess Pilot-Scale Unit
Bio process production unit
Bioprocess Production Unit


C-cube vaccine production unit
Vaccine Production Unit
BSL2 LaboratoriesMore details
BSL2 Laboratories



Other Industries

On top of life sciences, our concept can apply to other industries which require sophisticated facilities with clean environment for their operations.

C-Cube modular data center
Data Centers                  
C-Cube - Icons website_data

Fast installation and easy relocation whenever the business environment requires it.

C-Cube modular high tech Manufacturing
High-Tech Manufacturing
C-Cube - Icons website_high tech

Implement a clean remotely controlled facility quickly to ensure quality of manufacturing.

C-Cube modular food beverage facility
Food and beverage industry
C-Cube - Icons website_f&b

Extend current facility or implement a clean restricted area with minimum disturbance and reduced leadtime.

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We will be pleased to design and supply a modular facility for you.